World Dog Show in Poznan 2006

2006.11.12 World Dog Show in Poznan 2006

Junior class (males) – Enrique Mate Duran (Spain)
Junior class (females), intermediate class (females) – Moa Persson (Sweden)

Nenuormos Tonitto & Nenuoramos Toscana were only 9 months and 4 days. Nenuoramos Tonitto was one the 8 best juniors in his class (from 34). Nenuoramos Toscana got excellent (44 females)

Nenuormos Tonitto ir Nenuoramos Toscana

Nenuormos Tonitto

Nenuoramos Tonitto – excellent

Nenuoramos Toscana

Nenuoramos Toscana – excellent

Nenuoramos Summer Sunshine

Nenuoramos Summer Sunshine – excellent.

Congratulations to all participants!



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