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If you’re looking for a playful, friendly and loyal friend – you came right there where you need! We are  “Nenuoramos” – Labrador and golden retrievers kennel in Lithuania.


Our kennel history began in 1997, when we decided to have a golden retriever girl – Blanša Herkus.  She still lives with us  and Blanša is 13 years old! Blanša had four litters and she made a great part in popularity of the breed in Lithuania. We had 10th kennel B-day three years ago!


We are very proud of  this female bred by us – Nenuoramos Yellow Jamaika.  She’s the champion of seven countries and has C.I.E. title also she won these titles – „Best Lithuanian dog 2005“  & „Best Golden retriever in Lithuania 2005 “ . Three times she won „Baltic Winner“ title with BOB. Nenuoramos Yellow Jamaika was BOB in Lithuanian retriever club shows in 2005 & 2008.

Nenuoramos Yellow Jamaika (Arma)

In 2006 Nenuoramos Yellow Jamaika was mated with international champion Fairfield Fireminstrel – a wonderful male bred in UK (now living in Finland). There were 8 puppies in a litter, 2 puppies – a female Nenuoramos Tekera twist and a male Nenuoramos Tonitto stayed in kennel. These dogs are doing great in shows. They are multi champions. Dogs won Latvian and Lithuanian „Club winner“ titles.  Nenuoramos Tonitto was „Best  dog in Lithuanian retrievers club ’08“. His sister Nenuoramos Toscana is a junior champion of several countries and multi champion, at the age of 19 months she won BOB title in Poland Retrievers Club show. In 2007 she was „Best golden female  in Lithuanian retriever Club“. In 2010 Toscana won Club Winner title  with BOB in Estonian Club show.

Nenuoramos Toscana

In 2007 was born the second „M“ litter of Nenuoramos Yellow Jamaica and Guess Nashville, male from well-known Sweden kennel. Six puppies were born. Nenuoramos Magic Macota stayed in kennel. She’s a multi champion, Winner  of Lithuanian Retriever Club Show also runner up in C.I.E. Megi also got a title „Best golden Bitch of Lithuanian Retrievers Club’08“. Other promising female – Nenuoramos Magic Song  went to Sweden and lives with her father.

Nenuoramos Magic Macota (Megi)

Two most promising males from this litter were Nenuoramos My Marchello  & Nenuoramos Mr. Martin – they stayed in Lithuania. They’re already multi champions. We’re especially proud of Marchello –  he’s Poland Winner, Lithuanian retriever club winner with BOB and also Best golden male of Lithuanian retriever Club’09. Both males are candidates to C.I.E.

Nenuoramos My Marchello

After a long search in 2008 m. we decided to mate our multi champion Nenuoramos Tekera Twist with a male from Norway – Kephles Keep In Touch. From this litter two youngsters left at home – Nenuoramos Wings of Dream & Nenuoramos Wings of Wind. They’re young dogs but very good looking have a great character and both are junior multi champions, they’re running up C.I.E.

Nenuoramos Wings of Dreams

We decided to renew our kennel and in 2010 we imported new dogs. Now we have two young golden retriever females. First girl is from one of the most famous Europe kennels „Ashbury“. It is based in France, lots of their dogs are multi champions, World and European dog shows winners. We hope that our girl Asbury French Carm will be as pretty as her mother and titled as her father. Also will have great health. The second female is from Finland. Her name is  Majik As You Were (Lėja). She is from well known kennel – Majik. This young female has great lines and a wonderful character.  We also have a nice girl from „My Brand“ kennel. We are really grateful that Maarit gave us such a great female. We hope that our new retrievers will help us to improve the breed and let us successfully continue our work.

We’re also trying in field trials competition. Two our goldens Nenuoramos Yellow Jamaika & Nenuoramos Magic Macota have got second degree diplomas!

„Nenuoramos“ during breeders competition!

All our dogs live with us in our home. We have a big garden so they could exercise at the day time and at night they go back home. We are putting all the efforts so we could breed healthy and good-looking dogs. We breed honestly and responsibly.    Our aim is to breed the very best friends for all with an excellent exterior and great health condition. We carefully decide what food is the best for the puppies. For growing puppies it is the necessity to have the best quality  dog food. 13 years of experience is a lot for us, now we know what is the best for our dogs. We put  lots of love, dedication, time and effort in our dogs and our goal is reached when we see  beautiful and healthy our breeding dogs!



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