Updates 2010 year

Best wishes!

Best wishes!

CACIB shows in Vilnius, Lithuania

2010 12 18 CACIB „Vilnius Winter ’10“

Golden retrievers – Gert Christensen (Danmark)
Labrador retrievers – Jelena Borisova (Belarus)

Nenuoramos Lamborgini – exc. – 2 (open cl.)

Nenuoramos My Marchello – exc. – 2 (ch. cl.)

Nenuoramos Wings of Love – exc. -3 (atvira kl.)

Rentas Astonishing Topaz – exc. – 4 (junior cl.)

Nenuoramos Vulcano – exc. – 1, LT CAC (ch. cl.)

Blanša Herkus is now 13 years old!

On 30th, November our lovely bitch Blanša Herkus celebrated her 13th birthday. She is still a wonderful bitch  – golden not only with the color but with character too. She had four litters (D, E, H, Y).  We are especially grateful for  Nenuoramos Yellow Jamaika. She’s an international champion. Her progenies are not only beautiful but also have great character.

Despite the fact that Blanša is 13 years old her health is excellent. We wish her all the best and we’re very grateful for her lifelong love.

Blanša Herkus

Retriever speciality show “Club Winner ’10″

2010 08 08 Retriever speciality show “Club Winner ’10″, Druskininkai

Golden retrievers were judged by A.Cardell (Sweden);

Labrador retrivers were judged by Gunilla Ek (Sweden)

Majik As You Were (Lėja) - jaunoji mūsų veislyno viltis

„A“ litter 2010 10 01 (Ashbury Angel Heart & Nenuoramos Wings of Dreams)

Newest photos of the puppies:

International dog show in Druskininkai, Lithuania

2010 08 06 CACIB show

Judge – M.Torres Delicado (Spain)

Nenuoramos My Marchello – LT CAC, W, CACIB (ch. cl.)

Estonian Speciality Show

2010.07.24 Estonian speciality show in Vehendi, Estonia

Golden retrievers – E.Mjaerum (Norway)

Nenuoramos Toscana

EST CAC, Cl. W’10, BOB, Toscana became Estonian and Baltic countries champion.

CACIB shows in Warsaw, Poland

2010.07.10-11 CACIB shows in Warsaw, Poland

Golden retrievers – R.Fagestrom (Finland)

Nenuoramos Wings of Wind – exc. – 2 (open cl.)

Nenuoramos Wings of Dreams

Nenuoramos Wings of Dream – exc. – 2 (open cl.), r.CACIB



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